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Whether choosing a veranda system for an insulated roof, patio cover or stylish carport, you can be confident we will provide a solution that guarantees style and peerless performance. A solution that will give you the feeling of being outdoors while effortlessly sheltering you from the elements.

the greater outdoors

With weather increasingly impossible to predict, we believe every Indian summer and mild winter is a further opportunity to embrace outdoor living. And where better than a second living room in your garden?

With the addition of a Luminia Veranda you can enjoy longer sunshine sessions, brighter spaces and more late night fresh air while remaining sheltered and protected at all times.

No longer will you have to worry about Mother Nature rudely interrupting your party or BBQ. And long gone will be the mad panic to get the indoor furniture in before the heavens open.


We stand by the quality and durability of our products which is why we offer a 10 year warranty on all our Luminia Veranda systems. Furthermore, our paint coatings are applied in accordance with the strictest standard in the industry - the QUALICOAT  quality label.

Sliding doors & side walls

The addition of a glass sliding door system will ensure you're in your element come rain or shine.

Better still, not only will you be left undisturbed by the weather thanks to the slim frame design, your view outside will be almost entirely free of interruption too. Of course the benefits don't stop there. Double rollers and cleats deliver reliable and smooth operation, allowing you to open up your outside space by pushing or pulling a single panel. While an impressively low threshold reduces the risk of tripping when heading outside.

Adding side walls to your outdoor space will provide additional wind protection should the weather take an unexpected turn for the worse.

Designed to perfectly fit the veranda and without any visible screws, side walls add function without sacrificing style. They're also essential if you plan on installing a glass sliding door system.

The greater outdoors

The greater outdoors

versatile by design

* PREMIUM TYPE 1: The Luminia system is inherently strong and near maintenance-free. The system also features thermal breaks, giving you the freedom to transform the veranda into an insulated living space.

* MODERN TYPE 3: Our most contemporary veranda, this system boasts slimmer aesthetic lines. A perfect example of form embracing function.

* ENHANCED TYPE 4: The most robust veranda in our range, this supersized design is ideal if you're looking for free passage and a brighter outside space. Thanks to additional steel reinforcement this system can stretch an impressive six metres in width with the support of only two posts. * We also offer a Victorian style gutter for the type 4.

From left to right: Premium Type 1, Modern Type 3 and Enhanced Type 4


* INVISIBLE WATER DRAINAGE: While we understand the importance of water drainage, we don't believe it should ever come at the cost of style. It's why we've integrated pipes within the posts to ensure drainage isn't simply efficient, but invisible too. We've also made accessing the pipe simple by including a detachable cup.

* EASY INSTALLATION: Each of the Luminia models has been created with installation ease firmly in mind. No faff, no fuss, just versatile verandas that can be easily fitted onsite. Optional roof-lines are also available.

* LED LIGHTING: Luminia Veranda's have been intelligently designed to bring extra light into the home. Even after dark, low energy LED lights are subtly integrated into the rafters to provide additional light long into the night. And thanks to their low power consumption, even your energy bills look brighter.

* STEEL REINFORCEMENT: With steel reinforcement of the gutter we can offer a six-meter span without the need for an intermediate post. This opens up your outside space to a world of natural light and unencumbered views. A win-win whichever way you look at it. 

Hide and sleek

Many of the innovative features of the Luminia range are the invisible fixings. It's these fixings that ensure rainwater drains freely out of sight and that the veranda remains rust-free and easy to clean. It's far from the only intelligent design feature you'll find though. Optimised aluminium reinforcement. Adjustable roof pitches. Cable-free lighting solutions. To name just a few of the advantages!